In this months issue of “MAGIC Preview” from MAGIC Magazine it looks like David Copperfield is going to be featured in the next issue based on the cover. (Click “more” to read the snippet):


David Copperfield. The name is synonymous with excellence in magic. After twenty years of producing top-quality television specials and traveling the world with his live stage show, David has delved into almost everything that can be done in a magical presentation. He has explored the world of Broadway and classic MGM musicals, made large objects disappear, used the art to touch people’s emotions with stories about his life and family, appealed to the MTV crowd with his music video-style dancing presentations, caused hearts to leap into open mouths with death-defying stunts, and more. So, having run the gamut of magical presentation, what is the next step for the master of illusion? An entirely new palette with which to paint his magical masterpieces.

David had a dream to acquire an island of his own. Having done everything he could possibly think of to interpret magic in different ways, he was attracted to the idea of a place that, because of it’s very environment, was magical to begin with. The explanation behind how he found his dream island makes for a fantastic tale.

David Copperfield’s Islands “I’d visited many private islands in my life, but I wanted something very special, so I did a little test,” David explains. “I took four magical places that I had been – Stonehenge in England, the Statues of Easter Island, the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, and the pyramids of Giza in Egypt – and I connected them with two lines on a globe: one line from Easter Island to Stonehenge and the other from Mexico to Giza. They formed an X and in the exact center of it, where the lines intersected, was a group of islands.”

By happenstance, the owner of one of the islands had turned the area into a tropical resort and he was considering selling. After some complicated negotiations, in June 2006 David Copperfield illusionist became David Copperfield island owner with a spectacular new canvas for his art. He immediately began to bring in work crews of fifty or more people to bring to life ideas that had been in the planning stages well before the sale was final.