I read an interesting quote the other day; I think @tferris posted it on Twitter. It was something like “If you feel like you’ve got everything under control… you aren’t moving fast enough”. An interesting idea.. and sometimes it sure does feel that way!

I’m kind of a control freak, which is probably my best quality but not all of the time! This month I have a huge list of goals that I want to complete, but it sure can be challenging when you’ve got so many shows to do.

I love it though. I love performing. Over the past couple weeks I’ve been invited to perform for a fundraiser gala evening, a grand opening, a school fun fair, a BBQ event, an afterschool care center, and a birthday party. I love being able to perform in different venues for different types of people, it keeps things interesting. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the shows I have booked this month as well. More birthday’s, more school events, a large children’s show, and a huge family event and a few others—Woohoo!

Between all those shows I’m excited about all the projects I’m working on too. For those of you who receive my Magical Moments eNewsletter you’ll know that I just launched a brand new website for brides who are looking for Kelowna Wedding entertainment. I love the tagline of “Write the story of your wedding with magic.” While building the site I had my older sister and her friends critique my site and all the girls were disappointed that they already had their weddings because they thought that having a magician was such a great idea! Many people immediately just think of only a DJ for their wedding, but there are so many benefits of adding a magician to your wedding to entertain your guests. By far my favourite show option, and my most popular option, is Mingling Magic. I have a few wedding shows coming up this summer and I know I’ll have a blast. Everybody at weddings is always in such a great mood. :)

Also I’ve just ordered some new banner stands for my show. I got some printed up last year, but they need to be updated. I’ll post some pictures of them once I receive them.

I hope you’re all enjoying the nice weather we’re FINALLY getting here in the Okanagan. Until next time, take care.