This week I got together with another magician from out of town and worked on some magic together. I always love getting together with other magicians and performers- It never fails to provide fuel and inspiration for whatever I’m working on at the time.

I’m slowly working on some new material that will eventually work itself into my Children’s Stage Show, and my Adult Stage Show. I’m really excited about the new magic I’m working on. I really feel that it matches my performing style, and the magic is so strong, I know my audiences will love it! I’ve recently added a new piece to my close-up/mingling magic and the reactions have been really great. It’s a trick that I’ve been working on for a while now, I’m glad that I’ve gotten it to a point where it fits in with the rest of my close-up material.

I’m always amazed when I look back on material that gets added into my show, and how long it takes to find its way there. There have been a few effects that I’ve been working on for a few years now, but no matter what I do they don’t fit. And then in other cases there’s new material that just fit me right away, and after just a few months of practice it finds its way into the show.

Hopefully the new effects I’m working on make their way into the show sometime soon- I look forward to sharing them with you.