I’m proud to announce that I’ve changed my stage name to Leif David (Pronounced Layf).

I’ll explain why I made the change.I first began performing 15 years ago when I was 8 years old. When I started out the show was called “Ali K. Zam and the Little Bitty Magic Show”. I got my start by performing at daycares and seniors homes with my beautiful assistant— Yup, My mom. She was also my manager, my director, my driver, basically everything except the magician. The name worked perfectly when I was younger, but it no longer suits my image or my performing style. However, I’ll be keeping Ali K. Zam Productions as my company name.

My websites, phone number, and email address will remain the same.

Click the below image to read a funny newspaper article on me when I first started out. It was printed in the Westside Weekly on August 23, 1995.