If you read my last post then you know that last weekend I was invited to speak at the BC Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting. My mom works at the Westbank Chamber of Commerece and she was attending the event that I was going to speak at! How cool is that? It worked out well because we drove down together, and were able to share a hotel room.

We left a day early so that we wouldn’t have to rush or leave really early in the morning. The drive from here to Whistler was amazing. We went up through Merritt, up to Spenders Bridge, down to Lytton, then up through Lillott, and finally through Pemberton to Whistler.

The 5 hour drive took us 6 hours, but we made it safe and sound. We stayed at the Delta hotel. The room was pretty nice, had a washer/dryer, dishwasher. The extra blanket for the room was lumpy though, the lid for the coffee machine was missing, and the ironing board was broken but everything was fixed as soon as we asked. The service was top notch, as I would come to find out was standard everywhere I went in Whistler. This next photo is the view from our room.

We settled in then left the hotel to do a little exploring. This village is gorgeous, and we quickly found a little sushi restaurant that was fairly busy so we stopped for dinner.

The next day was registration. We were early, but my registration package hadn’t been put together yet because I was one of the speakers. I ended up getting it later on the same day. My mom went around networking with people that she hasn’t seen since last years event. I pulled her away for a moment and got somebody to take this picture of us.

Leah Thordarson and Leif Thordarson

The first day started out with a lunch, routine opening ceremony type stuff for the AGM, in the afternoon there were a few speakers, followed by a fancy dinner and a few more speakers (Detecting the theme here?).

The next morning started off with a breakfast, then the first policy session. This is where Chambers submit policy that the BC Chamber will pass onto the Government. The Westbank Chambers resolution was to increase the number of campsites. There were a few small language changes that had to be made so it wasn’t passed. In the afternoon there was a lunch, more speakers, then dinner, and more speakers. At night there was a little party where I took the time to break out the magic and perform.