Over at iTricks today there was a wicked interview with Chris Martin who’s the creator and executive producer of Celebracadabra. If you’re interested in the show at all check out the interview, its quite funny and he even reveals some information about upcoming shows.

I was sad to hear that they snuck in some decoy footage into the opening to mislead you on who stays or gets eliminated. I was totally checking it to see if I could tell who was going to get eliminated 😛

Chris said that he’d answer any questions about the show, so I’ve sent an email to him with the following questions:

  • Who were other possible celebrities?
  • Who were other possible judges?
  • How did Ellusionist become the sponsor for the show?
  • Do you have future projects in mind?
  • I’m amazed by the quality of magic that has been performed and the thought that the judges put into it. The judges have been brilliant and come up with effects that are both visual/powerful for TV, and yet can be taught with very little time. Did the judges ever get together before shooting the show to share ideas?
  • What’s a funny story that happened on set when cameras weren’t rolling?
  • Will the series come out on DVD? Will there be bonus material on the DVD’s?
  • Can you send me some Celebcadabra stuff for free?
  • What was the biggest obstacle in putting together the show?

I’ll post the answers once I get them back. They might do another interview apparently, so I’ll post the link once its online :)