When people book me for a birthday party magic show, I send them a PDF that they can print off, fill in the information and send out. Its great because everybody needs invitations, and printing them off yourself at home is so fast, so easy, so cheep, and can be fun too.

I’ve decided to share that joy with the entire world by putting my birthday party invitation online. Just click the download link to open up the PDF. I hope to design more and when I do I’ll post them up on that website.

Actually, the invitations aren’t even on my Birthday Guide right now, but once I make a few more I’m going to include a link there as well. My guide is a work in progress! I did a birthday party just a few days ago for an 11 year old girl and at the start of the party the girls were making crafts with beads. It was the perfect activity for a birthday party so in a future edit of my guide I’m going to include that as well.