Again, I love magic. I just have to shout it out to the world. This weekend I had a show in Maple Ridge BC. I’ll talk about the show itself in my next though.

Today I got a chance to visit Clownin Around Magic Store in Grandville Island. I’ve only ever been to just a few magic shops. We got lost on our way though and we made it there just before they closed. I was able to pick up a couple things I didn’t want to order online because of the size. There wasn’t really anything too special but Joe who was running the counter stayed a few minutes after closing and helped me with a couple questions. It’s sad that physical magic stores are a dying breed, I never got the chance to hang out in a magic shop like lots of the stories i hear about from the old timers 😉 It’s all web stores, newsletters, and hyped up media clips. Oh, don’t worry Aaron, I’ve still got an order for you too. :)

I don’t really get a chance to see other performers very often. It reminds me of the PCAM convention. They had 2 big screens so everybody in the room could see fine. Even though sometimes I couldn’t tell what was going on, or my visability was limited, I chose to watch the people live instead of the screens. I can watch magicians at home on DVD or on my computer, but I dont get to see them live. Often the routines were things I had already seen on Tv/DVD before, and I didn’t go all the way to Calgary to watch it again on a screen, even if it was “live footage” 😛 heh.

Anyways, thats all for now. I’m posting from the hotel room right now, but once I get back home I have some photo’s I”ll show of my show and some other stuff that happened on my trip.