Just by searching “magic” or “magic tricks” into google and you’ll find lots of websites, and nearly all of the suck! But, never fear! With a bit of digging you can find lots of information on magic, weather you’re looking for magic news, new magic tricks, or even the latest magician gossip. Here is my list of the top magic websites online:

  1. Without a doubt the top magic website online is www.iTricks.com. They cover basically everything going in the magic community at large. In fact, they cover so much, that sometimes you can hardly tell where the magic part comes in 😛 Dispite this, I check their website everyday and I never miss a post.
  2. Coming in at number two is the highly controversial www.themagiccafe.com. Easily the best resource when looking for specific information on something magical when you don’t have something better in your own collection. Lots of the time they’ll mention sources that you might even already own, or can borrow from somebody, or get from the library, etc etc. I use this site all the time when I’m researching something new, or before I make a purchase.
  3. I’m going to give #3 to www.Magic.org. This is where I buy almost all of my magic from. Their customer support is helpful, and I think the site was even designed by my Internet friend Ryan Philling. Go Ryan! Also, if you sign up for their newsletter, every couple of weeks they run a special where you can get 25% off everything, or other specials. (But shhh, it’s a secret!)
  4. Here’s another blog that I read everyday. It’s Magic Unlimited run by Tim Ellis and Sue-Ann Webber alllll the way from the land down under. Although not _every_ post is magic related, he always dishes up some good stuff. He also runs the “magic fakers” page that everybody links to online. He manages a list of all the copy-cat tricks out there so that you stay away and give your money to the inventor. I mentioned Tim in my last post too, I posted the same movie he did :)
  5. Love em, or hate him, Ellusionist has made a splash in the community. Although I think most of their stuff is overpriced, watching their magic trailers is entertaining. For the beginner magician, there’s better things to spend your money on rather than a $25 one trick DVD, but the production value on them is great, and if nothing else, again, it’s entertainment for an hour.
  6. I’m giving slot six to MYSELF! It’s my blog, so I can rank things however I like. Check out www.alikzam.com and you can see all the different types of shows I offer, past clients, and all of that sort of stuff. I also have an interview clip on that page, hopefully soon though that website is going to be changed. I’ve got something in the works and I’m not going to reveal what it is just yet. Hopefully it’ll happen within the next month or two. But, in part that website will be changed, and the current interview thats on that page will be edited down into something else along with other footage.
  7. Some people are going to disagree with me on this one- well- half agree/half disagree. YouTube is without a doubt a place where you can find some of the worlds best magic, some good magic, and some awful awful magic (sadly it took me like 2 seconds to find that). Please please please, don’t use youtube as a place to learn magic! And, don’t use youtube as a place to get feedback. thanks :)
  8. Although not magic related, Seth Godin inspires me to work harder on my business, my magic, and on life in general. More often than not he challenges you to excel at what you do and become great while doing it.

That rounds up my list for now, If I think of any more I may come back later and edit this post. I hope you found something of use! Cheers.